THE VISION : Sport Marketing Consultant

Experienced experts to provide strategical consultation in sport marketing. We promise WIN-WIN relationship to anyone who relate. Our mission is expansion and continuous growth in sports and sports industry.

Contact:   info@thevisionjp.com

  1. Support company plan to start sponsorship or any other sport marketing activities in Japan. We consult based on business practice in Japan.
  2. Support company's sport marketing activities to expand overseas.
  3. Consulting sport association, sport team and athlete. Advice effective PR, marketing activities and sponsorship.
  4. Sport marketing education. Provide seminars to increase awareness.
  5. Extend opportunities of parasport participation.

Expert of sport marketing. Has been working on sport marketing industry for entire career, both sponsor and sponsored side. Worked for Reebok, FIFA, NIKE and Coca-Cola to lead their sport marketing division. Well unerstood the global business and Japan business practices. Fluent in muliple languages. Lost sights by car accident and getting deeply involved into parasport ever.  

Contact:  info@thevisionjp.com